Genealogy of Dennis Partridge

Pedigree showing Sally Fisher from my grandfather Everett Partridge.

Sally Fisher of Lyndon Vermont

Sally (Susan) Fisher was probably born between 1805 and 1815 in the sleepy little town of Lyndon Vermont. Little is known of her childhood, but she was able to read and write in her adult years, so she probably attended local schools in her early life. Lyndon Vermont is a “child town” of Rhode Island, and many of the early settlers of Lyndon came to clear land in the township in exchange for some of that land. Perhaps that is what brought her unconfirmed parents to Lyndon.

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Marriage Record for Francois Henn (Haine) and Marguerite Anonime

Marguerite, Illégitime, “Anonime” – Who Is She??? – Part 1

In an effort to further my chance of making matches through Ancestry DNA, over the past week I have been expanding my Grénier lines downward from siblings of my Grénier ancestors. In conducting this research I came across an interesting marriage record between Francois Henn and Marguerite Illégitime Anonime. This post provides the information I currently have on Marguerite and develops a plan of researching for identification of an illegitimate child in French-Canadian parish records.

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Valentin Brönner

My Great Grandfather Valentin Brönner

I came across an old photograph in my mother’s album of old family photographs which depicted my great-grandfather, Valentin Brönner, and several of his fellow soldiers posed in a unusual manner. Considering the time frame that this occurred (1918) and the fact that Germany would shortly surrender, moral should have been low on the German side, yet it was good to see grown men, in the hardest of times, improvising for the camera lens in a comedic fashion. P.S. My great-grandfather is the one holding the pitchfork!

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