Genealogy of Dennis Partridge

Blasts from the Past: Unraveling Our Families’ Explosive Histories

The adage “if you play with dynamite, you’re bound to get blown up” resonates deeply within both my wife’s and my family histories, each marked by a harrowing tale of dynamite. The intriguing part? These incidents occurred within a few years and few miles from each other, despite my wife…

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Cyprien Tanguay

Tanguay’s Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families

One of the sources widely used by English speaking descendants of French-Canadians is Tanguay’s Dictionnaire généalogique des familles canadiennes or Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families. It’s a relatively simple research tool that can be use to identify the kinship between different French-Canadians prior to 1763
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Le Grande Recrue de 1653

September of 1658 in Montreal

An interesting series of events occurred in Montreal during September of 1658 which historians have failed to adequately document. The men of the Grand Recrue who had signed 5 year commitments with Chomedey sieur de Maisonneuve now found themselves in Montreal and at the end of their contract term. Most…

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Charles Martelle and Archange Hemeri Marriage Record 1835 as found at GenealogieQuebec.

1835 Marriage of Charles Martelle and Archange Hémeri

This is an analysis of the marriage record for Charles Martin and Mary Emery dite Codere of Highgate, Vermont, my 3rd great-grandparents Determining kinship often involves sifting through evidence, a process that, while straightforward in many cases, can sometimes morph into a meticulous investigation requiring deep analysis of all available…

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Death Record of Paul G. Rich

The Parentage of Nora Williams

I learned a new word today: the word was gallimaufry, and it means “a confused jumble or medley of things.” That word will accurately describe my investigation into the parentage of Nora!
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Louis Croteau and Marie Louise Bordeleau Pedigree

Vincent Croteau and Jeanne Godequin

Here’s a story of a man named Vincent, and a maiden named Jeanne, and how they, on 22 Sep 1669, inside the home of Lady Bourdon in the city of Quebec, came together to sign a contract of marriage in front of the Notary Romain Bequet. This couple’s legacy is…
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Marriage record of Martin Prevost and Marie Olivier, page 1

Grandma’s Grandma was an Indian

Grandma’s Grandma was an Indian. Or was it Grandma’s Great-Grandma? That is the legend that was passed down to me from my father, and to him by his mother. While the tribe and details changed depending on who I talked to in the family – some had grandma’s grandma as…
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Louis Hébert monument. Photo by Jean Gagnon, CC BY-SA 3.0

Louis Hébert, the first European settler of Quebec

Louis Hébert monument. Photo by Jean Gagnon, CC BY-SA 3.0 In Quebec City, the Louis Hébert Monument stands in the corner of the garden of the Hôtel-de-Ville. The work of Canadian sculptor, Alfred Laliberté, the statue represents Louis Hébert, the first European settler of Canada, standing on the plinth, offering…

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52 ancestors in 52 weeks

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

Certified genealogist, Amy Johnson Crow, created a program by which she encourages genealogists to write about 52 ancestors each week over the whole year. Since I was making a renewed effort to actually put down on paper all the stories my 40 years + research has accumulated, I thought in…
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