1835 Marriage of Charles Martelle and Archange Hémeri

This is an analysis of the marriage record for Charles Martin and Mary Emery dite Codere of Highgate, Vermont,
my 3rd great-grandparents

Determining kinship often involves sifting through evidence, a process that, while straightforward in many cases, can sometimes morph into a meticulous investigation requiring deep analysis of all available data. Imagine each piece of evidence as a dot; our task involves connecting these dots to form a coherent picture, demonstrating how each piece relates to the same individuals. This task grows exponentially challenging when ancestors relocate across borders, their records scattered across nations, often under various spellings of their names.

Such was the challenge I faced with my 3rd great-grandparents, Charles and Mary Martin of Highgate, Vermont. Their marriage record stands as one of several crucial pieces in their genealogical puzzle—a linchpin document, if you will. In genealogical parlance, a ‘linchpin’ document is indispensable. It serves as the definitive link that conclusively connects disparate elements of an ancestor’s life, affirming their identity across different records. This pivotal piece of evidence not only validates the ancestral connections but also acts as a beacon, guiding us through the fog of historical records to illuminate familial ties that span generations.

The significance of this document cannot be overstated. Despite not mentioning their Americanized names or hinting at their eventual migration to Highgate—a move that occurred a few years later—it is an essential dot among many, proving that Charles Martelle in Saint-Hyacinthe and Saint-Hugues did marry Archange Hémeri (Emery) of Sainte-Rosalie and Saint-Hyacinthe, and, combined with other evidence, proves that these two individuals are the same individuals as Charles and Mary Martin of Highgate. This example underscores the intricate nature of genealogical research and the importance of thorough evidence analysis to bridge the gaps in our ancestral lineage.


Charles Martelle + Archange Hémeri

le quatre mai, mil huit cent trente cinq, après la publication de trois bans de mariage faite au prône de leneuf paroissiale, par trois demandes courentisse entre Charles Martelle, cultivateur, de la paroisse de Saint Hugues, fils <majeur> de feu Antoine Martelle + de défunte Louise Languedoc en leur vivant de la paroisse de Saint Hyacinthe, et Archange Hémeri, residant dans cette paroisse, fille majeure de joseph Hémeri cultivateur, et de defunte Marguerite Daufinas, de la paroisse de Saint Hyacinthe, Curé sue publication ayant en leur dures les paroisse de Saint Hyacinthe + de Saint Hugues ne fitant decouvert ancure pechement a ce mariage, nous pretre

soussigné curé avec l’agriment des paventy avons reçu leur mutuel consentement des parties, et leur avons donné la bénédiction nuptiale in presence de Francois Martelle, prere de l’epoux, de Noel Paulin, son témoin, de joseph Hémeri, pere de l’epouse, + de Michel Daiguean, son témoin, qui ainsi que les époux n’ont su signer, un mot interligne bon.

Denys pretre

Transcription and Annotation

Marriage #8

Charles Martelle + Archange Hémeri

on May 4, one thousand eight hundred and thirty five, after the publication of three marriage banns made at the new parish, and three requests at the old between Charles Martelle, farmer, of the parish of Saint Hugues, <adult> son of the late Antoine Martelle + of the late Louise Languedoc while they were alive in the parish of Saint Hyacinthe, and Archange Hémeri, residing in this parish, adult daughter of joseph Hémeri farmer, and of the late Marguerite Daufinais, of the parish of Saint Hyacinthe, Undersigned of this agreement having in their jurisdiction the parish of Saint Hyacinthe + of Saint Hugues not having discovered sin at this marriage, we the undersigned parish priest with the approval of the parents have received their mutual consent from the parties, and have given them the nuptial blessing in the presence of Francois Martelle, brother of the husband, of Noel Paulin, his witness, of joseph Hémeri, father of the wife, + of Michel Daiguean, his witness, who as well as the spouses did not know how to sign. One word inserted <> is good.

Denys priest


  • Majority in Quebec in 1835 for men and women to marry was 21. Charles was 23 and Archange was 21. While no parental approval was required, a parent (Joseph Hemeri), the only one still alive, indicated that he did approve of the marriage.
  • The records for Ste. Rosalie at Ancestry.com start in 1836. There were actually 2 years prior to then (1834-1835) which were recorded, and those pages were found on FamilySearch. A different copy was microfilmed and digitized at GenealogieQuebec. I do not know which of these two were the original source, or if they were both copies of a different copy or the original. I have not discovered any copy of this marriage at Ancestry.com.


  1. These marriage records provide proof of the marriage between Charles Martelle and Archange Hémeri on 4 May 1835 at Saint Rosalie.
  2. They also provide kinship proof between Charles Martelle and his parents Antoine Martelle and Louise Languedoc of Saint Hyacinthe, and between Charles and his brother Francois Martelle. They also provide evidence that both of Charles parents were deceased by 4 May 1835.
  3. These records also provide kinship proof between Archange Hémeri and her parents Joseph Hémeri and Marguerite Daufinais. They also provide proof of her relationship to her brother, Joseph Hémeri.


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