About Dennis Partridge

My name is Dennis Norbert Partridge, and this website is the result of over forty years research into my ancestry. You will see at the outset that it is heavily lopsided to my father’s side of the family. That is due to lack of material on my mother’s side, as she immigrated in 1964 from Germany to America. I know little about her side of the family, having been to Germany only twice, and only once as an adult. So this website will mainly feature what I know about my father’s family. It is to him, that I dedicate this research. Had he not himself pursued a little about his family tree back in the 60s I might never had stumbled upon his research and really caught the bug. Thanks Dad!

My father was the child of two nations, Canada and the United States. My grandmother, Della Phyllis Grenier, was French-Canadian and her ancestors go back to the first settlement of Quebec in 1608. Most of the branches of her family arrived in Canada during the 1600s, the few offshoots who did not, arrived in early 1700s. One line in particular, and a possible second line, were Native American, and were here when the French arrived. Mixed in with the French were Dutch and Swiss settlers.  My grandfather’s family arrived in New England starting with the Mayflower in 1620, on which 6 of my ancestors arrived. Like my grandmother, the vast majority of his ancestors arrived in the 1600s and those that did not, were here by the early 1700s. His ancestry is comprised largely of English, Irish and Scottish families.

The material you find here is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License unless copyright is claimed by other sources. I attempt to be very factual in my genealogy and provide source documents and citations as often as possible. When an event is inferred I use a qualifier to let you know the fact is not absolutely proven, such as perhaps, likely, or probably. I may have further proof papers on that claim. Please ask! As is the case with any genealogical research, you may find an occasional error in my family tree. If you do, please comment so that I can further research your dispute!

This is my story…

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